Medical Tourism

Medical tourism

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is when people travel outside their country to receive medical care. According to Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Hospitals, the number of international patients visiting the hospital has been witnessing an increase of 20 percent every year. Advanced technology, better quality care for medically necessary procedures, unavailability of certain treatment/procedure, quicker access to medical procedures, low cost and the like are the main factors influencing the decision to seek medical treatment overseas. Surveys show that nearly 80% of the medical tourism demand is driven by cost savings.

Why India?

Did you know that India is one among the top five destinations for health travelers in the world? 
A whopping number of tourists come to India every year for medical treatments. In 2016 alone, more than 200,000 tourists visited India on medical visa and this rate is increasing at the rate of 40-45% every year.  The medical tourism industry of India which was at the US $3 billion in 2015 is projected to grow to $7-8 billion by 2020.  
Yes, over the years, India has grown to become a top-notch destination for value-conscious medical travelers as it scores high over a range of factors determining the overall quality of healthcare. Undoubtedly, there are many countries providing medical tourism worldwide but, what makes India unique and the best in the field is that, it offers world-class medical amenities, comparable to any of the western countries, at a fraction of the cost at which it is done in the United States or Europe.   

Reasons Why India is The Perfect Destination for Medical Tourism:

  • India Offers Excellent Service: Indians are proud of their well-deserved reputation for compassion and warm hospitality. The country’s code of conduct (The guest is equivalent to God) makes you so much at ease and like a guest on holiday from the moment they arrive at the hospital.
  • High-Quality Medical Treatment and Care at Reasonable Costs: Experience premium services for major treatments like heart surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, knee replacement etc. at lowest prices in India, compared to any other countries offering the same level of service quality.
  • Latest Medical Equipment and Amenities: India’s private medical sector is so advanced that it is on par with those offered by most developed countries.
  • World Renowned Medical Experts: Not just the top hospitals and medical facilities, here in India you also meet the best surgeons, physicians, and nurses of the world. They are meticulously trained to the highest degree and expertise and are world leaders in the field they have specialized in. You might be surprised to know that many Indian doctors and surgeons are even visiting faculties for developed countries like the US, UK, and Europe.
  • Accreditation by Renowned Institutions: Indian Healthcare Industry takes pride with more than 21+ JCI, 266+ NABH Accreditation, ISO certifications and other medical certifications. All these ensure visible and tangible commitment by hospitals that assure safest environments for its staffs and patients.
  • India’s Incredible and Unique Medical Processes Are State-Of-The-Art: Despite the global healthcare amenities, India takes pride in her own unique medicinal treatment and the popular Ayurveda treatments that are natural healing mechanisms passed down from generations. You will get to experience the magic of ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines and rejuvenating retreats involving meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic massages or naturopathy.
  • Savings for The Patient: A person coming to India for his/her medical treatment can save anywhere between 30 to 70 percent even including the cost of ticket expenses and accommodation compared to identical treatments in the developed world.
  • Immediate Treatment: In Canada, over 50% patients say it took them longer than 4 weeks to see a specialist. Access to immediate medical procedures and qualified doctors who are in surplus is what attracts patients from developed countries travel to India.
  • Travel Opportunities: India is among the must visit places for an avid traveler. Coming here just for medical treatment is almost impossible when you get to explore and experience a whole lot of places, cultures, tastes and other specialties.
  • No Language Barrier: Unlike most other countries India is a mix of varied languages, a reason why everyone feels it important to accept and learn other languages. Moreover, with a literacy rate of 100% in Kerala, communicating your notions has been never too easy elsewhere. Indian hospitals and medical tourism professionals are specialized in assisting foreign patients with the expert translators who can handle wide variety of foreign languages

Health Checkup Packages

  • Tri-lines Master Health Checkup
  • Tri-lines Whole Body Checkup
  • Tri-lines Future Health Checkup
  • Tri-lines Family Health Checkup
  • Tri-lines Well Woman Checkup
  • Tri-lines Premarital Checkup
  • Tri-lines Child And Adolescent Health Checkup
  • Tri-lines Senior Health Checkup
  • Tri-lines Heart Check & Advanced Heart Checkup
  • Tri-lines Cancer Checkup
  • Tri-lines Kidney Checkup
  • Tri-lines Liver Checkup
  • Tri-lines Knee Checkup

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