About Us

Caring beyond boundaries

Our Story

Founded with a passion for travel and a commitment to providing unparalleled experiences, Tri-Lines Tours and Travels has been a beacon in the travel industry since 2016. Our journey began with a simple goal: to offer travellers a chance to discover the hidden gems and time-honoured traditions of Kerala and South India. At the same time, we offer affordable tailor-made international tour packages to our esteemed customers in the region. Also, we are offering the best services by providing medical facilitation services to our international customers from the Middle East and Africa region. As a trusted medical facilitator, we offered services to more than a humongous number of happy customers with the support of a wide range of medical partners such as Super Speciality Hospitals, Ayurvedic Clinics and their expert staffs.

Our Mission

Welcome to Tri-Lines Tours and Travels, your trusted companion in exploring the enchanting beauty of India and other tourism destinations across the globe. We are more than just a travel company; we are your partners in creating unforgettable journeys filled with warmth, authenticity, and a deep connection to the culture and landscapes of this remarkable region. At Tri-Lines, our mission is to turn your travel dreams and medical requirements into reality. We strive to create journeys that not only showcase the breathtaking scenery of India & other international destinations but also immerse you in the rich tapestry of their cultures. Our aim is to provide you with a  profound and authentic travel experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

What we Offer?

Package Tours: Explore our thoughtfully crafted package tours that cover a range of experiences, from serene backwaters to vibrant festivals, lush tea plantations to historic destinations. 

Customized Trips: Let us design a trip tailored to your interests, ensuring every moment of your journey aligns with your desires. 

Group Tours: Join fellow travellers on group adventures that foster camaraderie and shared memories. 

Corporate Travel: We offer seamless corporate travel solutions, combining business with leisure for a productive and enjoyable experience.

Medical Coordination: We connect you with medical experts to understand your condition and recommend the best treatment options.

Hospital Selection: We help you choose the most suitable healthcare facility based on your medical requirements and preferences.

Travel and Accommodation: Our team handles all travel arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free journey, from rights to accommodation.

Local Assistance: While abroad, we provide on-the-ground support, including translation services, transportation, and more. 

Why Choose Us?

Local Expertise: Our team consists of passionate locals who possess an intimate knowledge of the region. We take you beyond the touristy façade to unveil the true essence of India and International Destinations.
Personalized Service: We understand that no two travellers are the same. That's why we tailor each itinerary to suit your preferences, ensuring your trip is uniquely yours.
Quality and Comfort: We believe in delivering the highest standards of comfort, safety, and quality. From handpicked accommodations to top-notch transpotation, your journey with us is designed for your utmost satisfaction.

Sustainability: We are committed to responsible tourism. We work closely with local communities and strive to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the positive impact of tourism.
24/7 Support: Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you during your journey
Medical Advisory: Genuine opinions, and unbiased assistance from professionals in the travel and medical field and highly customized packages tailoring to the needs of patients.
Attractive Costing Models: Choose the best treatments at the lowest costs and compare the costs and expertise of doctors at different hospitals.
Medical Facilitation: Medical Visas, accommodation, transportation and hospital visits of patients and their families are no longer your headache, it is our duty.
Trusted Partner: We are your healthcare partner in town and will be your advocates at hospitals to get you the best of treatments, attention, facilities, and transparency in billing and ensure that our guests
always pay less on their final bill and receive the same quality of service